The following natural and hand dyed yarns are available for sale.  If you have a special yarn need, come in and browse or talk to us via phone or email.

Sock Wool

Hand dyed sock wool in a variety of shades.  This is enough to knit a pair of socks.

Sock yarn is comprised of 80% wool and 20% nylon.

Hand Dyed Yarn

A feature of the Spindle Tree is the ever changing wool bins.  It is filled with hand dyed fibre in varying quantities and fibre mixes. Prices vary depending weight, yarn mix and colour.


Hand Dyed and Hand Spun Yarn


Hand Spun in Natural Colours



The Spindle Tree stocks a selection of commercially spun and hand spun alpaca. The fleece is grown in Tasmania.


Art Yarn

A selection of hand dyed and spun art yarn in 8 ply.



Tasmanian English Leicester

Available in cream and hand dyed colours.

Fanfare Angoras – 8ply knitting yarn

60% Tasmanian Mohair – 40% Tasmanian Merino wool

Angoras from Fanfare have been bred in Tasmania since 1982.  All mohair is from this stock.  The product you see is the result of careful breeding to improve weight, style, character and lustre of the fleece by using a mixture of Australian, Texan and South African bloodlines.