Natural Fibres






One of the guiding principles of the Spindle Tree is that all work is constructed from at least 90% natural fibres. Natural fibres are made from either plant or animal products. This leaves the fibre artisan with quiet a number of fibres to work with. Some of the natural fibres used by artisans who submit work to the Spindle Tree are:

Worsted 8 Ply 3 Shades Light (fawn), medium (light brown), dark (brown)


Wool Alpaca Linen Flax
Mohair Silk Hemp Cashmere
Tencel Cotton Bamboo Soya
Corn Milk/Whey Angora Seaweed
Possum  Dog Hair

Reasons why you should choose a natural fibre

Most people know natural fibres provide natural ventilation.  Wool garments act as insulators against both cold and heat.

At the end of their life cycle, natural fibres are 100% biodegradable.