Guiding Principles

The Co-operative when deciding on activities to undertake and items to accept is guided by the following objectives and principles.


  1. To foster and promote creativity and excellence in design of fibre, arts and crafts and skills inTasmania. To provide facilities and assistance to those engaged in these fields.
  2. To provide premises for use by members as a fibre arts shop.
  3. To provide studio spaces, as when available, to members who apply for such spaces, at as low a rental as can be arranged by the Directors, dependent upon the costs involved.
  4. To organize design seminars, forums and critiques.
  5. To provide a sales organisation for members products, including a gallery, wholesale outlet, retail outlet, arranging exhibitions and any other form of selling and advertising as seen appropriate by the Directors whether by consignment or otherwise.
  6. To provide production work for members if required and when possible. To remunerate the designer and the producer in relation to produce sold.


  • Items must be made in Tasmania and be constructed of at least 90% natural fibres.
  • Acrylic, nylon,metallic threads etc may be used to trim an item and must be no more than 10% of the garment
  • Baby nylon or baby specialty yarns may be used for babies under 6 months
  • Sock Wool – if used for socks can have up to 25% man made fibre. If used for other garments then needs to meet the 10% rule.
  • All clothing garments must have a care label attached to the left hand seam. This is a legal requirement.
  • Yarn to be joined at edges of work, not in middle of rows. When the item is seamless the yarn should be spliced very neatly at an inconspicuous place.
  • Patterns and stripes should match at seams.
  • Join seams using yarn in which the garment/article was knitted, unless this is chunky, highly textured, or rather weak, in which case use a smooth light to medium-weight yarn in a matching colour.
  • Seams should be as inconspicuous as possible and very neat on outside and inside.
  • Shaping should be evenly placed and spaced, allowing for the special design.
  • Button holes and buttons should be evenly spaced and when fastened the buttons should be in the middle of the band.
  • Garments should be pressed, especially the seams. This does not apply to mohair items as ironing can flatten the fluffy effect of the garment, but this is your own choice.