Joining the Designer Craft Cooperative Society Ltd.

This page provides information about joining the Cooperative as a member and selling your work through the Spindle Tree – the trading name of the Designer Craft Cooperative Society Ltd.

Items are accepted for sale on consignment and the member receives payment for the item after the item has sold.

What is the process for submitting work as a member?

If you wish to sell your work through the Spindle Tree, you need to submit samples of your work and indicate the price you would like to receive for each item.  The items will then be assessed by the Directors of the Designer Craft Cooperative Society. They will advise you as to whether the work is accepted or what changes you need to make for the work to be accepted.

Once you have been advised that your work is accepted you can submit items to the shop on a regular basis.  Every Thursday, items received during the week are reviewed for quality.  If the item does not meet the quality standard required you will be notified and where possible asked to fix and resubmit. This ensures that items in the shop are of a high standard and fit with the overall guiding principles of the Designer Craft Cooperative Society Ltd.

How do you become a member and what does it mean?

To be a member you must;

  • have had work accepted by the Cooperative,
  • have purchased a share in the Cooperative,
  • be able to work three to four half days a month in the shop on a volunteer basis,
  • be prepared to participate actively in the management of the retail outlet and other activities undertaken by the Cooperative,
  • be prepared to hold office as a Director,
  • be able to attend bimonthly meetings as a member, and if a Director attend the Director meetings held on the alternate month.

As a member you will be entitled to any dividend payment that is made to Cooperative members annually.

If you are interested in being a member please contact the shop to discuss further and to obtain an application form.